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Atlanta Falcons Speed Helmet PT A-Bravo L4 Wilcox Shroud MICH2000 LVL IIIA    

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New York Giants Full Size Authentic  NFL Helmet by Riddell

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NVG Shroud Application

Purchasing pre-drilling for your PT A-Bravo® will allow the following shroud applications PVS 7/14/15

Norotos Triangle or Universal Shroud P/N 1817010 PASGT Strap/Mount Plate

MICH Adaptor Plate

Any Wilcox Three-Hole P/N 28300G30

Shroud Notes

Triangular Shroud Plates

There are 3 drill holes to accommodate triangular mounts. Holes can be expanded without damaging helmet. Additional drilling WILL NOT void warranty. Some plates will require shimming. You can do this by applying sticky back Velcro under the shroud to the helmet, above the rhino mount; this will angle (cant) the mount forward.

1 Hole PASGT Strap/Mount Plate

To insure a correct fit for the PASGT mount you must bend the tabs to fit the helmet using a wrench.


The correct angle of the plate will be 20-25 degrees to coordinate NVG to eyes. Simply align the slot in the plate to the hole drilled in the helmet and apply screw. Use Loctite Red 271 for secure fit.


1 Hole MICH Adaptor Mount Plate

There is no need to bend the tabs on the MICH plate. Simply align plate, mark top of hole for a snug bolt fit and drill hole. Be sure to use clamp or firmly press bottom of hooks to lid of helmet before applying screw. Use Loctite Red 271 for secure fit.





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